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Salleye sp?

October 27


happy weekend

February 10


H funnies
: I so proud for you momma, for giving me an orange.
H: (after a small burp) Excuse me, I had milk for dinner.
H: (getting ready for bed) I don’t want you to read to me, I just want to relax.
H: (leaving the bank) What you got for me momma? Did those old ladies give me a lollipop?
H: (reading before bed she bumped her head on the wall) I okay, I just laid on the wall!
H: Mom, you look so funny without a princess crown
Me: (after watching Cinderella) Can dad be my prince? H: No! dad’s a king!
H: (while talking with our neighbors) Mom, I don’t like these peoples!
H: Mom, I will obey you if you give me some jelly beans
H: Let’s go outside so I can pet those birds
H: (handing K a headband) here daddy put this on & you can be a kingdom

9 months old

January 30

9 months old
3 teeth with 3 more soon to follow
a very happy little guy
can be impatient which is communicated to us by a high pitch scream
(we’re working on that :))
using the signs for “all-done” & “milk”
crawling, pulling up & beginning to cruise
playing peek-a-boo
loves music and loves to dance
has this raspy little gut laugh that melts my heart
busy, busy, little guy
loves to explore EVERYTHING
loves Holland & her room is his favorite place to be
(it amazes me how they play together already)
eating solids & drinking from a sippy cup at meals
not a big solids fan yet, still prefers his bottle
very reserved personality around strangers
fair skin, blue eyed & red headed
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December 15

Life has been very busy these past few months which is why I haven’t posted. I thought I’d pull together some photos from a few places and things we’ve done. They are from the tree lighting in Marietta square, a day in Santa’s Wonderland at Bass Pro and the others are from a photo shoot we had done back in early November. Life is just busy. I don’t know what it is I do all day, but I know it’s not sleep or sit :) The kids are doing well. Holland is into pretending big time. Her imagination is huge and sometimes scary. Her adventures usually always include Minnie Mouse, Bob the Tomato, & Larry the Cucumber. Most recently they have also included Santa Claus. She goes places like the beach, grandmom’s, her office and she loves to pretend she’s lost. She also loves for us to play “peek-a-boo bear” with her which is a bear hand puppet. She talks to him as if no one is attached at the other end. It’s really sweet. She loves making up songs and the sweetest is the one she sings about baby Jesus in the hay. She interchanges Baby Moses & Baby Jesus which is actually pretty cute.
“There is Mary & Joseph momma, but where is Baby Moses?”
Harrison is a busy, busy guy. He is always on the move. He can make his walker move like Holland never could. He practically runs in it across our hardwoods. He coos, squeals, can clap & wave. It’s amazing how much like a rough and tumble little boy he already is. Changing his diaper or clothes usually requires 2 of us, if available, if not 1 of us just has to act crazy to keep him still. Something tells me life with him will definitely get more interesting and more exhausting shortly :)
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7 months & almost 8

December 15

7 months & almost 8

H1 & H2 have become fast friends – They just laugh & play
busier than H1 ever drempt of being – He is constant motion
finally beginning to give me 10 – 12hrs. at night again
getting into a good groove with 2-naps-a-day
goes from a crawling to sitting position really good
can roll & creep all over the place
(has almost pulled our tree down twice)
loves being outside
eating lots of veggies & fruits – next will come our proteins
has started a sippy cup with his meals
loves his mum mums like his big sis did
(although he devours them much quicker)
still a cautious little guy around new people but gives the biggest grins once he deems you safe
has those big blueberry eyes just like his big sis
doesn’t have much hair, but what he does have is red

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